Working with others is a great way to both broaden your creativity and have an absolute blast. New Media in particular is especially well-suited for people of different interests and perspectives to collaborate on a single project, and make something unique. I’ve had the opportunity to do a few crossovers with really creative and interesting people. Check them out, if you like!

V-Build: Transformers AM-08 Terrorcon Cliffjumper and M-08 Jida

Internet Personality Vangelus, Krin, and RiathePinkie came to hang out at my place, and we all V-Builded! V-Built. Whatev, we streamed a V-Build. It was HILARIOUS. Continue reading

Song Lyric Sliders: Blow

Song Lyric Sliders was a fun little project by Cin Wicked, a music reviewer who has since branched off into anime. This project involved a whole bunch of parallel universes, where everything’s a little bit different. I’m not Demo in this vid, I AM Cin Wicked. Check out what Cin thinks about Ke$ha’s style, as we take a look at Blow! Continue reading