Video Content

This is a list of all the video series you can find here on The Irreverencia.

Irreverent Edutainment
Irreverent Edutainment is an online review series, hosted by demoversi. Originally intended to look at edutainment as a genre, it quickly mutated into being a sort of edutainment in and of itself. At this point, nothing is off-limits; there is something to be learned from EVERYTHING.

The No Coffee Files
Addiction is a serious problem for a lot of people. It comes in many forms, both behavioral and chemical. It was questioned to me that perhaps my frequently (and publicly) proclaimed affection for coffee might, in fact, be indicative of addiction. The No Coffee Files is a semi-autobiographical real-time experiment on caffeine addiction and withdrawal. Be forewarned: it is not particularly pleasant.

Let’s Survey!
If you’re reading this, chances are you live in a consumer society. You’ve seen more receipts than sunny days, and probably ignored almost every one. Ever notice the “Tell us your opinions” offers frequently printed on them? Let’s Survey! is a video series going through these consumer surveys, along with a few other related questionnaires.

demoversi LIVE!
On occasion, I will appear in an unscripted video, and bust out a live performance of sorts. Or maybe I’ll appear on a panel at a convention or something. Luckily, I’m not crap at thinking on my feet. =D

Working with others is a great way to both broaden your creativity and have an absolute blast. New Media in particular is especially well-suited for people of different interests and perspectives to collaborate on a single project, and make something unique. I’ve had the opportunity to do a few crossovers with really creative and interesting people. Check them out, if you like!