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For those of you who prefer simply to check and see what’s been posted recently, here’s a list of everything on the site, in reverse chronological order.

Epic Rap Battles of History

The Epic Rap Battles of History web series may be incredibly popular with millions of views per battle, but does it really educate or uplift its viewers? I mean, it has HISTORY in the title, so it MUST have some merit. At least, I hope it does… Continue reading


A review of the edutainmental merits of a mobile phone app that autotunes your voice and matches it to synthesized music? Yeah, it counts…when you turn it into a vocal symphony. Which I kind of, um, did. Continue reading

Song Lyric Sliders: Blow

Song Lyric Sliders was a fun little project by Cin Wicked, a music reviewer who has since branched off into anime. This project involved a whole bunch of parallel universes, where everything’s a little bit different. I’m not Demo in this vid, I AM Cin Wicked. Check out what Cin thinks about Ke$ha’s style, as we take a look at Blow! Continue reading