“Goku vs. Superman” – Epic Rap Battles of History

If you only listen to one Epic Rap Battle of History today, make it Goku vs. Superman. The reason you should do this, is because today, This Is My Jam. Continue reading

And Here’s Why: Attack on Titan

Taking on anime for a change, @demoversi brings reasons to check out the latest fandom sensation. Continue reading

Song Lyric Sliders: Blow

Song Lyric Sliders was a fun little project by Cin Wicked, a music reviewer who has since branched off into anime. This project involved a whole bunch of parallel universes, where everything’s a little bit different. I’m not Demo in this vid, I AM Cin Wicked. Check out what Cin thinks about Ke$ha’s style, as we take a look at Blow! Continue reading

Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”

Does “Love Story” by Taylor Swift count as edutainment? At first glance, obviously not…and that just makes demoversi ever so much more eager to prove it DOES. Let’s see if he can salvage something to think about from this sappy little music video… Continue reading