A Primer on Neologisms

The essential overview of all the different kinds of neologisms (brand new words) that you may encounter, or even create! Do you hate the modern use of the word “feels”? Do you LOVE the word “feels,” but hate how some of your friends hate it? In either case, this article is for YOU. Continue reading

And Here’s Why: Attack on Titan

Taking on anime for a change, @demoversi brings reasons to check out the latest fandom sensation. Continue reading

Epic Rap Battles of History

The Epic Rap Battles of History web series may be incredibly popular with millions of views per battle, but does it really educate or uplift its viewers? I mean, it has HISTORY in the title, so it MUST have some merit. At least, I hope it does… Continue reading


A review of the edutainmental merits of a mobile phone app that autotunes your voice and matches it to synthesized music? Yeah, it counts…when you turn it into a vocal symphony. Which I kind of, um, did. Continue reading