My Favorite Holiday Returns

Ah, my favorite holiday returns once again. Happy April Fool’s Day.

This, being the first update in several months, may been seen as a re-opening of my intents to provide content of all sorts to my website. This would only be partially correct. I personally see it as such, and the holiday makes a perfect opportunity for me, given my previous statements regarding the holiday. However, this IS April Fool’s Day, and it is good to be realistic. Regardless of the truth, it would be straight-up folly for me to announce that I’ll be making more content on Lie Your Ass Off Day. It’d be a jerk move, either way.

I’ll write THAT article later this week. I promise.

Instead, let me share with you my the bias I plan to challenge this year. For those of you who are unaware, I like to celebrate April Fool’s Day by challenging a preconceived notion of mine that may be hindering my life, and give it a fair shake. Last year, I overcame my reluctance (and bile, truth be told) and joined Tumblr. I was not disappointed. I saw many an excellent article or picture, and some amazing Phoenix Wright-based posts. I even got accustomed to the triangles. I feel wry but mild disgust at that sentence, but I guess I’m okay with it. Tumblr’s not bad. Actually, given that my day was brightened when I received a birthaversary email from Tumblr this morning, I’ll say that I’m pretty happy with it, overall.

This year, I learn Reddit.

I already have a Reddit. I see the purpose behind The Front Page of the Internet, sure. Even found a Kingdom of Loathing subreddit, which made me feel right at home. The main problem I have with that site is the pseudo-ban on self-promotion. The gist is, don’t post your own stuff to Reddit. Don’t get your friends to post your stuff to Reddit. Don’t anything about yourself on Reddit. Unless you post 9 other things first, or it’s an AMA, or you ask the subreddit mods’ permission first, or or or a bunch of other exceptions.

Not gonna lie. I don’t even.

I get that Reddit wants to be a website that is based on discourse and sharing, rather than a bunch of commercials with nobody actually looking at anything. The problem I find is, I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT I CAN DO. Every website has its own etiquette, and it is best to lurk and learn until you get the feel of the conversational flow. 4chan etiquette, such as it is, is not the same as Tumblr etiquette. The same words spoken on each site will have drastically different responses. In regards to Reddit, I just don’t even know where to start. I feel hobbled by the restrictions to the point that I don’t know what I am permitted to post. Like, let’s dumb it down. Explain like I’m five. It seems to me that if I make an image macro, such as a lolcat, I am forbidden to post it. However, if I find on online that I like, I can share it to Reddit with impunity. This really makes no damn sense to me. Shouldn’t the general rule just be, “Don’t be a dick with your self-promotion?” Seems to me that would be harder to enforce, but at least it makes sense. Actually contribute to discussions, and post your own shit only when appropriate. That makes sense. The 9-1 ratio seems arbitrary, and it restricts me more than I feel it intends to.

How do personal subreddits even work with that logic? PeanutButterGamer has his own subreddit. Does this mean that he can only post in it after he has already posted nine other things, even when people are asking him questions? Or, because it is a subreddit, he can post without concern because no mod would call him on it? That would make sense, if it weren’t for the fact that NONE of this makes sense.


I clearly have no idea what I’m doing with Reddit, and therefore am biased against it. This is EXACTLY the kind of self-imposed restriction that I like to use April Fool’s Day to fight against. I will take this opportunity to flow through Reddit like water, until I am as one with it, much like I have done with Tumblr before.

I will do this tomorrow, though. The resolution has been set, but there’s no way I can do it tonight. I’ve got trivia to attend in an hour, I still have a headache from Kingdom of Loathing’s April Fool’s content (Every image was upside-down. EVERY. IMAGE.), and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to play Goat Simulator.

I hope you have a great holiday, and don’t fear the Internet. Also, if you have any favorite subreddits, I’d be pleased if you would throw a link or two into the comments. I’m starting from close to nothing, here.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

I love April Fool’s Day.

Really. I see a lot of negativity about April Fool’s Day, and I’m not surprised in the least. The premise of the day is all about tricks, and fooling people…and pranks. Pranks which can sometimes be extremely harmful to people. It kind of seems like April Fool’s Day is all about being a jerkass to people, and having a Get Out of Jail Free card. It bums me out that one of my favorite holidays has such a bad rep.

I don’t prank people on April Fool’s Day. I don’t really even TRICK people on April Fool’s Day. The way my mind works, the only pranks I ever think of are EXTREMELY DARK and would have LONGSTANDING REPURCUSSIONS, if I went through with any of them. I wouldn’t think of putting butter on a doorknob; I’m more likely to steal my flatmate’s pillow and fill the pillowcase to the brim with boiled spaghetti. Emotionally traumatizing my friends doesn’t bring me any satisfaction, and I’m completely okay with that.

As for tricks? Man, I trick people all the time. Conversational traps, musical earworms, deadpan devil’s advocation…these are all parts of my daily routine. If I were to celebrate April Fool’s Day in this way, it wouldn’t be April Fool’s Day. It’d be Monday.

I celebrate April Fool’s Day by only telling the truth. I also celebrate, by embracing my inner Fool. From my perspective, this is the best holiday for taking yourself down a peg; for getting away from the self-assurance that you’re the best, around. (Okay, yes, that might be an earworm, but it’s not an untruth.) This has the WONDERFUL side effect of NOT fooling people who take me seriously, and COMPLETELY fooling people who have conditioned themselves to suspect everything on this, the most tricky of days. I take some small pleasure in that concept, and will allow myself an evil smile emoticon. >]

Ah, but to make myself a Fool takes more than motley. (Motley is the term for the stereotypical Jester’s outfit, with the jingly bell hat and all.) To truly take myself unseriously, I’ve gotta get out of my bias. This year, I’m breaking my bias by…making a Tumblr.


I have only recently begun to stop hating Tumblr. All of my complaints about that site are STILL TOTALLY VALID, but additional perspectives have begun to wear me down. There IS merit to be found, in Tumblr. I just…hate the triangles. I HATE THE TRIANGLES. I. HATE. THE TRIANGLES. Unfortunately for my delicious hatred (FUCK YOOOOOU TRIANGLES), it has become evident that there is more to Tumbling than the creation of that shape. There are animated gifs galore, poems abound, and an askbox for everyone! There are thoughts. There are FEELS. There are also new words, such as the aforementioned feels. “Feels” feels like a weird word, now. You feelin’ me?

What, you don’t know about the Triangles? How do you not know about the triangles?!? ALL I SEE ON THAT SITE ARE TRIANGLES okay also cat gifs. I can remain calm, so long as I look at the cat gifs instead of…okay, I’m calm. I’m cool; collected. Triangles are the borderline incomprehensible comment threads you get when multiple people reply to each other on Tumblr. I don’t have a problem with the open communication, because that’s (usually) a really good way to explore new and different perspectives; I have a problem with the lines that connect the speaker to the word. To an infrequent browser, it is NOT. CLEAR. who is speaking. I wonder if after becoming more accustomed to the site, the Triangles will just get filtered out of my vision, and I’ll see the site with happiness instead of IRE. Maybe. I’ll do my best to try it out, and check back with you after a month.

It occurs to me that perhaps ranting about Tumblr isn’t the most tactful first Tumbl to post, but I think it’s important, as it is essential to truly confronting my bias in honor of the holiday. Besides, this is a great way to test whether or not the Tumblr share button actually works on my website. It’s an article, an experiment, and an introduction to Tumblhood all at once. Best choice.

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone. Don’t take it too seriously. That’s kinda the point. =)

(Double linking this, because I don’t know where you’re reading this. The Tumblr is (as one would expect) and my website is Please enjoy both!)