Website Launch Detected

What better day to launch a personal website than on your birthday! It really makes remembering pivotal moments a cakewalk, if you schedule them all to be on the same day. That’s the formula for success, right there. Works even better if you were born on a holiday, or even MORE better if you were born on ALL the holidays. In which case, you’re either extremely lucky, or you REALLY hate that one day a year. Also you apparently can bend time, and reshape calendars. You are now a superhero.

I’ve tried my best to make this site as user-friendly as possible, with easy-to-understand navigation and concise article excerpts. Comments on articles are enabled through Facebook, which grants you an easy way to tell your friends the insights you have (and the oversights I have) on any given post. (For those of you who DON’T want all of Facebook to see your witty repartee, unclicking the “Post to Facebook” button should keep your comment hidden from Facebook’s view. But at that point…why? Don’t you agree with your own opinion? No judgment, just puzzlement.) Each article has a brief overview of the category in which it resides, allowing you to spread anything you like to almost any site you like, without the fear that your friends won’t understand the context. I’ve even enabled Tumblr functionality, despite my (extremely loud and unpopular) opinions on it. I’m beginning to come around on that, actually. Maybe Tumblr isn’t that bad. We’ll see.

Huh. Come to think of it, I don’t know your temperament. Maybe you are now a supervillain. For your sake, if supervillainy is your chosen route, I hope you’re one of the really effective ones, who takes over the world and increases general happiness through your dominion, and not the kind who’s just a petty jerk. 40 cakes, and all that.

Speaking of being a jerk, I request that you not be one while you’re here, if you can avoid it. Opinions are ESSENTIAL to being a human being, and discussing differing ones can be a THOROUGHLY uplifting experience. I am totes in favor of opinions; I wouldn’t speak in hyperbole all the time (see what I did there?) if I didn’t expect people to call me on it every now and again. If you’re on this site, then you probably have something in common with whomever you are disagreeing with; specifically, you’re interested in looking at topics from a variety of perspectives. Dissing someone in the comments to make yourself feel smarter is kinda going against the whole principle, here. Debate, but have some respect for each other. You’ve all probably earned some, you know?

And if you DO steal 40 cakes, which I am in no way recommending or endorsing, you should totally share. It IS my birthday, after all.

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