An Opportunity to Return

Cutting it a bit close, Self. You said within the week on April 1st, and you don’t lie on April Fool’s Day.

Welcome back to The Irreverencia. It is now Game Time. GAME. TIME.

Right here, and right now, this is a phrase with MEANING TRIFOLD. Firstfold, I have an unquenchable desire to play video games, to talk about video games, and to STREAM video games. To make videos, about video games. With video game footage, of video games. VIDEO GAMES.

…Fuck, I drank wayy too much coffee today. To hell with it; I’m leaving it in.

Secondfold, I have an opportunity right now to focus nearly all my effort in creating content. This opportunity will not last indefinitely, so I mean to maximize my time, here. For the next two-ish months, I plan to be creating, producing, and refining content at a breakneck pace. I would love to put out an article daily through the month of May, and that means a LOT of writing, on various topics. The aforementioned video games, for example, as well as music evaluations and recommendations, and other sundry topics. It is my foremost hope that you will enjoy a more regular schedule for content, but there is also an ulterior motive. My body of work as a whole is not as extensive as I would like, and I intend to take full advantage of my available time to PAD THE SHIT out of my website, by infusing it with CONTENT GALORE. I want to give you the ability to binge-read my articles for HOURS, instead of the mere, what, twenty minutes it would take you, presently? I can assure you that all these articles will include my signature BIZARRE WORD CHOICES, as well as of course occasionally going ALL-CAPS FOR EMPHASIS.

The thirdfold meaning of Game Time is, as you might or might not expect, a reference to ProStars. I am a troll, trololol.

Mentioning ProStars does give me a viable segue point to discussing Irreverent Edutainment as a whole, though. My flagship series has suffered the most from a lack of attention, and I would dearly love to return it to its full glory. That said, it is a somewhat sobering realization that I simply cannot churn out episodes as quickly as I would like. The blend of entertainment quality and educational insight is a tricky mix to alchemize up, and I suspect that it only truly makes magic when I actually have something to say. The series is NOT dead, though. I am actually planning my first episode in over a year on, of all things, Goat Simulator. I should probably play it first, though. Episodes of Irreverent Edutainment will be produced infrequently, when inspiration strikes like lightning, unless something unforeseen allows me to produce them regularly and indefinitely.

On the flipside of being honest about the update schedule of IE, this does free me from the restriction of only reviewing that which can be learned from. Of course, you CAN learn something from everything, but let’s be honest; do you know how far I have to twist my brain to come up with a plausible intellectual benefit from Pitbull’s “Timber” featuring Ke$ha? Answer: I don’t know, because I just tried, and the thinky-bits can no longer do math. Do you really want a continually-mathless demoversi? I didn’t think so. My math is great.

I hope you enjoy this impending romp through my Internet existence. As ever, but particularly now, if an article or video catches your interest and you think your friends and family would benefit from it (humor-wise, content-wise, or even education-wise), I beseech you to give them a link, or to post a comment. Your opinions on my opinions are valuable, and I can use them to form more opinions, which you can, in turn, comment upon. Do you see what we have here? ETERNAL OPINION LOOP. Bad for computer programming, maybe, but great for stretching your brain.

Let’s have fun, and become better people through our interactions. That is always, always the paired goals of the Irreverencia: Joy, and Betterment. Please join me.


P.S. If I haven’t released anything in like 3-4 days, CALL MY ASS OUT ON IT. You can hit me up on Twitter @demoversi, or email me via the contact form on the website.

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