Auditory Stimulus

Sometimes, you just want to listen to something. Perhaps you’re busy writing emails, or playing a video game, or reading some very interesting articles, and you just want something to let something dance across your ears. Listed below are the various audio-based works and contributions of the Irreverencia, for your listening pleasure. Just click, and enjoy!

Fruits Basket Radio Drama
Fruits Basket is the story of Tohru Honda, a young woman with a remarkably sunny disposition, and her interactions with the Sohma family, an influential and affluent lineage with a strange curse. The Fruits Basket Radio Drama is an audio adaptation of the original manga, somewhat (a lot) darker than the anime. It is a tale of laughter, and tears, but most of all…it is a tale of great transformations.

Katawa Seiyu
Katawa Shoujo is a visual novel with a most remarkable history. Originally spawned from a splash image of an imaginary game by a doujinshi artist, it was heavily discussed by the online community 4chan. Various creators from around the world came together to make Four Leaf Studios, with the explicit purpose of making this game a reality. Treating the controversial material with the utmost sensitivity, it has gained critical approval and a substantial fanbase. Katawa Seiyu is a project to bring voice to the characters, mimicking the choose-your-own-adventure style gameplay via YouTube annotations. Give it a listen; depending on your choices, your heart will either be warmed, or broken. Perhaps both.