“Goku vs. Superman” – Epic Rap Battles of History

So, you like music. Chances are, you’re getting a little tired of your standbys, and even your favorite tracks are getting a bit stale. Well, you’re in luck! I’ll listen to just about anything, and I have…let’s call it “discerning” taste. This Is My Jam provides you with alternatives; stuff you may have never heard of before, and insight as to why it’s worth a listen.

“Defeat me with heat beams? You’re crazy!”

I love Epic Rap Battles of History. This should come as no surprise to you, seeing as I have made a video review of the series and performed a rap battle against Nice Peter at one of his concerts. It’s a fantastic, funny, mildly informative series. And here I am, suggesting you go and listen to one that contains only fictional characters. They’re cultural icons, though, and have a valid place in human history. Besides, this song kicks all sorts of ass.

Surprisingly short for a song in the third season of ERBoH, the standout reason to give this song another listen is because of the absolutely incredible background track. In other genres, I might call this “accompaniment,” but that word REALLY doesn’t feel appropriate in this context. When I first heard the inevitable “WHO WON?” at the end of the video, I had an immediate inclination to grant the crown to the guy who wrote the instrumental. A name I have not yet been able to isolate, sadly. If you know who composed this backbeat, let me know, and I will throw in an edit for future readers. Until then, nameless composer, YOU are the one who won.

Here, I think I can find an instrumental version for you…

This is not to say that the lyrics or performances were bad; far from it. This battle has one of the most solid finishing lines of the entire ERBoH series, and has a great deal of effective flow. Just the other night, I was performing this rap against a friend of mine, just for the hell of it. It’s a well composed, balanced rap battle. This should only further highlight how highly I think of the background music.


I was not the first of my circle of friends to know about the Epic Rap Battles of History. Sometime back in Season One, around Mr. T vs. Mister Rogers I believe, there were a bunch of people chilling in my apartment watching Doctor Who. After the episode of the week was over, things usually degraded into light conversation and YouTube parties, which involve a bunch of people fighting over what video to share next. A buddy of mine showed us the rap battle between Einstein vs. Hawking, and I was immediately and irrevocably hooked.

At that time, I had already been growing steadily more interested in rap music, due in part to recently acquiring a Nerdcore album by MC Chris, and watching the Rap Critic on TGWTG.com. The Epic Rap Battles of History brought my interest in the genre up to a fever-pitch, and have since started to enjoy other extremely interesting rappers, whom I am CERTAIN will appear in future articles. Nowadays, I keep up with ERBoH through social media, primarily through their Twitter account. This way, I am able to watch new videos almost as soon as they are uploaded, and Goku vs. Superman was no exception.


Anything that requires energy. Driving down highways really fast, working your cardio at the gym, or just plain feeling like a badass are all valid uses of this song. Both Goku and Superman are POWERHOUSE characters, and so it should come as no surprise that their mutual challenge should have that very quality in every aspect.

This song is also a really good mid-level practice track for learning how to rap, if you are so inclined. It contains some tongue-twisting lyrics and a powerful flow, but nothing that would require speed-rap skills. Superman’s first verse in particular is useful for conditioning up your breath control, so you don’t run out of air mid-verse.

As with all the Epic Rap Battles of History, this song is great to memorize and throw at your friends. They will almost certainly try to spit back the response verse, and you can both have a great time refining your technique and acting all aggressive at each other. It’s a lot of fun!


If you want to purchase this song so you can have an mp3 on your computer/device so you can listen to it without using up your data plan, you can get it from iTunes by following this link:


Do you NEED more? Actually, hang on. I’m going to embed the Behind the Scenes video, since I imagine not everyone reading this has subscribed to the ERB2 channel on YouTube, which has a variety of Karaoke versions, Behind the Scenes content, and other interesting stuff. It’s really quite inspiring, all the work that went into these tracks and videos.

Oh, and one more thing! If you look carefully, the hairstyle for Clark Kent and Superman are actually different. I wouldn’t have been noticed, except I recently watched a
Cracked After Hours skit that specifically mentioned the differences between the hairstyles of Superman and Clark Kent. I appreciate that attention to detail. Here’s the skit I mentioned, if you’d care to watch it. I really like this series, as well. =D

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