“Blood of Angels” by Brown Bird

So, you like music. Chances are, you’re getting a little tired of your standbys, and even your favorite tracks are getting a bit stale. Well, you’re in luck! I’ll listen to just about anything, and I have…let’s call it “discerning” taste. This Is My Jam provides you with alternatives; stuff you may have never heard of before, and insight as to why it’s worth a listen.

“I might never win the fight, but I will rage against the light forevermore.”

“Blood of Angels” is a song released in 2011 by genre-defying duo Brown Bird, David Lamb and MorganEve Swain. Harder than Folk but softer than Metal, Brown Bird’s music has a sharp edge to it in both the lyrics and instrumentation.

This song in particular hits all the sweet spots for me, musically. Non-standard percussion, male/female vocal harmony (and counterpoint, near the end! Spoilers!), and a mournful yet upbeat violin as the lead instrument. I adore violin as a lead instrument; ask me about ZOX sometime. Oh, and the lyrics are GREAT. Dark, impassioned, and with a great rhyme scheme that I’m pretty sure is based in limerick-form, but won’t be constrained. Sort of like, pulling inspiration from, if I had to guess.

I find “Blood of Angels” to be almost a serious version of Voltaire’sWhen You’re Evil,” replacing the tongue-in-cheek mournful tone with a resigned malice. The upbeat tempo gives this song a real pulse, and conveys an actual dedication to flipping to the dark side. This song is what it feels like when hardening your eyes and soul are the only options keeping you from a total collapse.

I love it.


Even before I started this series, I was always on the lookout (or listenout) for new music to enjoy, and I’d get into random discussions about any song or artist I’d ever heard of, with pretty much anyone I encountered. These conversations frequently fall into me complaining about Bob Dylan. I HATE Bob Dylan; I can’t get past his voice. To my ears, his voice sounds like someone took a deaf, very vocal alleycat, taught it English as a second language, gave it both a concussion and stage fright, and then put him on stage. It sounds BAD, and I can’t even appreciate the lyrics because I have a very specific hearing deficiency.

That’s an actual link to the kind of hearing impairment I have, not a snarky joke link to the Wikipedia page for “good taste.” I’m not that trollish. I know Bob Dylan is a beloved musician; I just personally cannot stand to listen to him.

A month or two ago, I was tearing into one of these anti-Bob Dylan spiels against a guy named Dylan, oddly enough. After he failed to convert me over, he offered up this song as a sort of compromise bridge, that we could end the discussion in a more happy fashion. I listened to this song about forty times over the next two days, and still keep it in my “Recently Played” playlist almost on accident.


This is a song for the downtrodden, but the specific kind of downtrodden that wants to spit in the eyes of anyone who would offer up a platitude, or false aid. You want to handle this YOURSELF. This is a song to reinforce your own willpower, when it seems like everyone is against you…or perhaps, if it would be temporarily easier for you if you felt like everyone was against you.

This song is hair-of-the-dog for depression. It won’t make you feel better, but it will help you feel the angry side of your bad mood with GUSTO.

If you are of the religious persuasion, and you’re getting the feeling that your chosen divinity hates you today, this could be a fantastic accompaniment to your middle finger extended towards the sky.

I wouldn’t advise drinking alcohol to this song, but if you ABSOLUTELY MUST, choose something that you kind of hate. This song is well-suited to a masochistic beverage experience.


If you want to purchase this song so you can have an mp3 on your computer/device so you can listen to it without using up your data plan, you can get it from iTunes by following this link:


Sadly, Brown Bird was kind of a tragic discovery for me. I learned of their music after the passing of band founder David Lamb. According to the Brown Bird website, there will be one more album released in Fall of this year, which will most definitely catch my attention upon release. MoganEve Swain is continuing her music career as The Huntress, and I wish her all the success.

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