I AM Close Enough Guy

Association is a funny thing. The smallest detail of a person, place, or thing can become iconic of it, forever uniting the two…even when it is obviously stereotypical or silly. Want to set a scene in New York? Stock footage of the Statue of Liberty. Need to make someone look French? Give them a beret and a baguette. “I AM” is an imageblog series where I abuse this principle, by Demo-morphizing whomsoever I choose, by MS-Painting on a bandana and sunglasses. It works surprisingly well.


I AM Close Enough Guy.

I am an exceptionally useful Rage Comic, derived from Fuck Yea Guy. (I’m basically exactly the same dude, with different red text.) As a Rage Comic, I am designed to be pretty generic, as my usefulness should be UBIQUITOUS for any situation wherein “Close Enough” could be used. I’m pretty eponymous like that. Exactly what it says on my tin.

Now, granted, because I exist as an image on the Internet, I have been used in a whole bunch of inappropriate ways. Because I’m an image, on the internet. It happens. I don’t feel too bad about this, though. Rage Comics need to stand for one emotion, regardless of context or taste. I stand for the feeling that whatever the situation, what has been accomplished or realized is good enough for now, and doesn’t require further polish or consideration. It’s a very human trait, and I’m quite happy to be the icon for it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m lazy, or apathetic. Sure, I SOMETIMES (usually) am, but not always. Some of my favorite uses of myself are when I follow-up a photo of someone failing at a basic task. I love it when I get my schadenfreude on. I’m kind of a bro about it, though. I don’t give the impression that I’m laughing at a given Fail, but rather that I (and by extention, the Failer in question) don’t care about CONFORMING. So what if I spilled Gatorade all over my face when I meant to drink it? I’m ABOVE that. I don’t need your approval.

That’s totally an image I found online, too. Found it when Google sent me to Tumblr. Not crossposting it, because I have no idea what kind of copyrights apply to me. I kind of FEEL like I’m public domain, but image macros are kind of a gray area of legality. It’s, heh, close enough to legal for me image-manipulate a bandana and sunglasses onto myself, though.

I’m not always a guy, either. The fact that I’m so generic is BY DESIGN. You want a female Close Enough image? Add some pigtails or something. I am phenomenally photoshoppable. What’s that? You only have MS Paint?

Close Enough.

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