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Man, the Internet is huge. There is so much content out there, and not nearly enough time to check out every context-devoid recommendation link you see in your Twitter feed, or Tumblr Roll, or whatever it’s called. “I favorited a YouTube video!” “OMG CLICK THIS SO FUNNY,” or even just a naked link in complete gibberish…is this really the best way to share the good stuff with your friends? The Irreverencia says no. We can do better! Every Thursday, @demoversi can tell you what’s worth your precious Internet time…And Here’s Why.

Man, I’d better watch myself. If I keep writing articles about gender portrayals and expectations, I might get a reputation. Not that having a reputation for being willing to talk about social justice and gender issues is a BAD thing, per se; it’s just going to make me feel like a hypocrite the next time I listen to “Smack My Bitch Up” by Prodigy (NSFW), even if there is an interesting discussion about the lyrical meaning of a song consisting of only six unique words.

Regardless, now that I (and presumably, you) have listened to that song and gotten PUMPED UP, it’s time to delve into a whole new geekdom that I know practically nothing about. My fashion sense involves showing off my ink and wearing a bandana with sunglasses; anything more complicated than that (and some basic color compliments) will fly past me like some ridiculous boomerang trick shot, and will likely smack me in the head on the way back. I had to call in an expert for this one, yo.

You should check out Gamer Geek Chic. And Here’s Why.

Gamer Geek Chic is an imageblog about making clothing ensembles inspired by fictional characters, most frequently from video games. I stumbled across it randomly while doing research for another article entirely, to complain about a video game I haven’t played yet. Ah, internet journalism. More importantly, what a fantastic (and completely unexpected) find!

“So, what, it’s a blog about clothes? I don’t care, dude. I’m not a cosplayer.” I know you’re not, dear non-cosplaying section of my demographic. Fear not the GGC, yo. This isn’t about cosplay. These aren’t costumes. They’re clothes. Like, the kind of thing you wear to work, or a fancy dinner. Actual clothes; not convention-exclusive mechsuits of spandex and hairspray. No disrespect to the cosplayers, though; some of these outfits might help you get a different feel for the characters, allowing you to create even MORE impressive mechsuits.

I am, of course, assuming all cosplayers wear mechsuits. Those people dressed up as Nightwing? I assume they’re actually Nightwing. All of them. Life’s more fun, that way. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of that guy who is just actually the Joker, actually, and for real. Friend of The Irreverencia @PunkyVal managed to interview the guy, and though he seemed very reasonable, I saw through THAT facade. He’s totally the Joker. But I digress! I’m supposed to be talking about clothes that AREN’T cosplay.

Gamer Geek Chic highlights 3 different kinds of outfits, for both men and women: Casual, Formal, and Prom. I say “highlights” rather than designs because, and this is the really cool part, these clothes actually exist. I mentioned earlier that these outfits are “inspired by” characters, and that’s a crucial distinction. Dressing up as a Pokémon, for example, is not the same as dressing with a similar color scheme to a Pokémon. In one case, you have a colorful outfit that you can wear with a secret smile for getting your geek on in public, and in the other, you have an awesome hat. Also, you are a Vileplume.

This isn’t a design blog; it’s a fashion/gamer geek hybrid doing collage work. Furthermore, the collages are set up in such a way that you can actually BUY anything you want from the assemblage, if it tickles your fancy. I didn’t buy anything, but I clicked far enough to see that it works. You know, I don’t see much collage art, these days. I dunno if that’s due to the fact that I spend most of my time online finding songs to torment my friends with or marathoning the videos of former Normal Boots contributors, or because my DeviantArt is almost as neglected as my LinkedIn. I’m not even going to BOTHER linking those. Regardless, it’s refreshing to see how well the collage-style art works.

I will admit that because I’m still kind of a n00b at Tumblr, it took me a bit of effort to find exactly how to get to the collage full of links (instead of just the .jpeg). If you’re having trouble, look under the image. There -should- be some links there; if not, here’s a shortcut.

Now, as for the clothes themselves…hit-or-miss. The outfits are assembled in really interesting way, but there is NO WAY I’m wearing this much pink. I can rock a pink bandana, or pink highlights on a shirt, but PANTS? HELL no. It wouldn’t work for me. Conversely, I would rock the SHIT out of this Elec Man kit. I actually find it encouraging that there are clothing styles I wouldn’t even consider wearing mixed in with those that look TOTALLY BADASS to me; it implies that this site can cater to multiple demographics. Since I kind of have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to fashion, I called in my on-staff geek fashion expert, Jumper. She affirmed that the clothes match up pretty well, and that the concept has merit. That’s called resourcing, yo; getting someone who actually knows what she’s talking about to approve your baseless assumptions. That’s how we roll, here.

The one thing that I really feel that this site is missing is an actual model. I would LOVE to see how these outfits actually look on people. Unfortunately, since some of the clothing and accessories run in the thousands of dollars, that’s unlikely to happen. If it did, though? That’d be awesome. Still, there’s no way I’m gonna shell out more than a grand for a pair of brown pants, even if they would put me in the top percentage of well-dressed men. Who are dressed up sort of like a Raticate.

Oh yeah, didn’t I mention something about gender expectations, earlier? So, check it. At a guess, you’re going to think that male characters like Mario and Luigi would inspire outfits for guys, and female characters like Daisy and Peach would inspire outfits for girls. That assumption? WRONG. Well, okay, partially wrong. This is actually how I found the site in the first place. Men’s attire based on Princess Daisy? The hell? And it kind of works? Immediate research trigger. And at the end of this tunnel, I’m pretty content with my new discovery.

You might LOVE Gamer Geek Chic if:
-You care about your choice of clothing
-You are a collage artist and want to see the implementation
-You are involved in a geeky relationship and want complimentary prom attire
-You just HAVE to see how they’re gonna adapt your favorite character into clothes
-You want to show Pokémon solidarity without actually wearing a costume

Personal Picks:
Zelda and Link-inspired prom outfits? NICE.
Do you know what happens to your prom dress when it’s based on Storm? The same thing that happens to everything else.
You know, I’ve always wanted to have TWO evil faces.
I would wear this. I would wear this TOMORROW.
Conversely, if I wanted to rep the Pacific Northwest, this would be more appropriate.

I seriously encourage you to check out Gamer Geek Chic. If you find an outfit that you want to share, please post it in the comments! It’s awesome to see what other people find really cool, and why.

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