The Written Word

The Internet is chock full of words. Seriously, they’re EVERYWHERE. I’ve heard that a lot of very smart people are concerned that the various forms of online communication are damaging literacy, but I am so totally in opposition to that perspective. Sure, proper grammar may have taken a hit, but I happen to think that the use of written language in recent years has been a kind of evolution. Totes, for reals, #Srsly. See, language is about COMMUNICATION, and if you can adequately express your thoughts to another via some truncated words or elaborate emoticons, you’re doing FINE. Hence, my writing pattern remains betwixt over-elaborate and underused words, and anti-formal colloquialisms. Also I use a lot of neologisms and portmanteau, because WORDS ARE AWESOME.

To wit, I occasionally write things. If you’re reading these very words, you prolly already have an understanding of what I’m on about. Below are the article series I write, with my particular linguistic steeze.

And Here’s Why
Man, the Internet is huge. There is so much content out there, and not nearly enough time to check out every context-devoid recommendation link you see in your Twitter feed, or Tumblr Roll, or whatever it’s called. “I favorited a YouTube video!” “OMG CLICK THIS SO FUNNY,” or even just a naked link in complete gibberish…is this really the best way to share the good stuff with your friends? The Irreverencia says no. We can do better! We can tell you what’s worth your precious Internet time…And Here’s Why.

Association is a funny thing. The smallest detail of a person, place, or thing can become iconic of it, forever uniting the two…even when it is obviously stereotypical or silly. Want to set a scene in New York? Stock footage of the Statue of Liberty. Need to make someone look French? Give them a beret and a baguette. “I AM” is an imageblog series where I abuse this principle, by Demo-morphizing whomsoever I choose, by MS-Painting on a bandana and sunglasses. It works surprisingly well.

Sometimes, the thoughts we have and the ideas we want to share don’t always fit into the cookie cutter molds we carve out for ourselves. Should we just ignore them, because they don’t fit into our preconceived notions? No, to hell with that. At The Irreverencia, we grab all our miscellany and present the full cornucopia as the Musings.

Upcoming Article Series!

Backseat Media Design, wherein I write as though directly to the producer/developer of something (such as a video game or a web series), with the goal of explaining what they’re doing right, and very, very wrong. Written as though the reader is already well-familiar with the topic at hand.

Inflammatory Remarks, wherein I throw a temper tantrum about something wot is currently pissing me off. Expect expletives.